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Update #10 - The Cost of Food

Hello Backers!

I am pleased to report that we have been very busy working on the film and there is a LOT to update you on.  To that end, we'll be releasing more frequent updates for the time being.  There are many interesting characters we've encountered on the journey of making this film and we hope to give you a first-hand look at the filmmaking process.

Have you ever had to limit what kind of food you ate based on very strict budget considerations?  Personally, I don't think I've ever done that. For a lot of people in Indonesia, not eating enough protein because protein-rich foods are too expensive is a real issue.

Recently while filming on the island of Java, we interviewed some farmersworking in the rice fields.  We asked about their eating habits and learned that sometimes they only eat meat once or twice a month because of its high cost. Remember, these are simple farmers earning only about $3 a day.


Food security and supply is a huge issue for most of the working poor in Indonesia (and the developing world).  As I've been working on the film this past year, I've seen again and again how the chaya plant can make a difference for parents who are struggling to provide nutritious food for their kids.  However, even though the chaya plant is widespread, most people don't even know it exists.  It's flying under the radar.  My hope is that this documentary educates as many people as possible in Indonesia and beyond about the benefits of eating chaya.  As I have seen first-hand, all the pieces are there, this superfood just needs some promotion and media attention.  Of course, that's where this film comes in :)

Thanks for your support in making this film,

Jon & the From Two Sticks team

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