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Jon Iannacone

Jon Iannacone is an independent filmmaker hailing from the United States.  Most recently he has spent the past four years living in Indonesia. He speaks both Indonesian and Spanish. His recent creative work focuses on hidden stories in need of a voice.  While in the U.S. Jon produced and directed short documentary pieces, news segments, and short commercials.

Prior to Indonesia, Mr. Iannacone spent seven years working for the Migrant Education Program. He developed and implemented after-school and summer programs for high school and middle school migrant farmworker students from Mexico. Jon was captivated by their stories and helped launch the Migrant Macbook Lab which provided computer access to the rural poor. He has presented workshops on topics such as DSLR video, Podcasting, and Integrating Technology into Education.

He is a winner of the 2010 Leavey Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education.


Seymour Levin

Seymour Levin is a documentary filmmaker whose award-winning feature length documentary, “Hard Coal: Last of the Bootleg Miners”, reveals the crushing political and economic injustices faced by independent coal miners. He has worked on several notable projects including Steven Spielberg’s “Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation” and “A World of Discovery” for the Philadelphia Museum of Art. He is the Executive Producer for “Grieving Rounds”, a feature documentary(in progress) which explores medical residents’ mental health while at the University of Pennsylvania hospital.

  • A Chronical of Corpses feature film, 2000, Production Manager, Arm/Cinema 25 Pictures
  • Blain’s Low Carb Kitchen (Discovery Channel series) 2004, Coordinating Producer, Active Entertainment Media, Inc.
  • A World of Discovery (documentary commissioned by PMA ) 2004 Associate Producer, Blue Wire Media, Lenfest Arts Campaign
  • Hard Coal: Last of the Bootleg Miners (feature documentary) 2008 Executive Producer, Woodshop Films
  • The Heart of Empathy (educational documentary) 2008 Producer, Drexel University Medical School, SAL Productions
  • Real Fear: the truth behind the movies (television documentary) 2010 Associate Producer, Chiller network, Active Entertainment Media, Inc.
  • Real Fear 2: the truth behind more movies 2012 Associate Producer, Chiller network, Active Entertainment Media, Inc.
  • Grieving Rounds (feature documentary) in progress, Executive Producer, Hospital of University of Pennsylvania, Resonance Films LLC.
  • End Violence Project (documentary short) in progress, Executive Producer, The End Violence Project Inc., Resonance Films LLC.
  • Executive Producer
    Andang Iskandar

    Andang Iskandar is an award-winning photographer from Bandung, Indonesia. He is also a professor and social entrepreneur.

    Andang is the owner of Humanika Photography Film and Design in the city of Bandung, which is known as Indonesia's city for creatives. He lectures at Indonesia's Computer University(UNIKOM) and Indonesia's College of Art and design (STSI). He has held photography exhibitions in Japan, Singapore, and China.

    For more info on his recent exhibition check out these videos: